Taiwan KOM Challenge

In compliance with international competition rules, internationally known mountain-biking cyclists are invited to compete with prominent Asian and Taiwanese cyclists in the Taiwan KOM Challenge.



November 15th (Saturday), 2014


The planned route climbs from 0 to 3,275 meters above sea level for a total route length of about 105 kilometers, in which the last 10 kilometers of “Devil Road” has been named top 10 and the top 6 most challenging riding routes in the world and is one of the world’s most unique routes, attracting many riders to come to Taiwan to experience the rivalry and challenge.


Both internationally renowned mountain-bikers and top female athletes will be invited to compete with domestic and high caliber foreign cyclists in the Taiwan KOM Challenge. The total entrant quota: Wuling: 400 people (including 150 foreign competitors), and for the additional Dayuling challenge this year: 100 people.


Taiwan Cyclist Federation


(total length : 105km)

Qixingtan Taroko Bridge Highway No. 8 Tianxiang Xibao Xinbaiyang Bilu Sacred Tree Guanyuan Dayuling Highway No.14 A Wuling, Hehuan Mountain


  • Challenging the internationally renowned natural landscape of “Taroko Gorge”
  • Super long-distance climb
    Running 105 km to the top of Hehuan Mountain
  • The champion will be award NT$ 1 Million Well-known international racing cyclists
    All Mountain-climbing racing cyclists from Le Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana and Girod’Italia along with the top female athletes will be invited to Taiwan to compete in the Taiwan KOM Challenge
  • The highest climb
    Climbing from sea level to 3,275m above sea level, an average altitude gain of 31m per kilometer, which is rare in the world of cycling.