2015 - Event Series

Happy-Go-Lucky Joyride

2014 New Taipei City Joyride Cycle
(1) Wugu Wetland Eco Joyride Cycle: May 23rd
(2) Pinglin Eco-Treasure Experiencing Joyride Cycle: June 14th
(3) Pinghu Flower Avenue Joyride Cycle: July 11th
(4) Sanying Ceramic Joyride Cycle: July 25th
(5) Huajiang Wetlands and Migratory Bird Watching Joyride Cycle: August 15th
(6) Northeast Coast Tunnel Cycle: August 22nd
(7) DanhaiGulf Eco Joyride Cycle: September 5th
  • Date: May 23, 2015–September 05, 2015.
  • Organizer:New Taipei Sports Association
  • Tel:02-2998-1382#614

Happy-Go-Lucky Joyride New Taipei City

2015 Go-Go-Bike
[16OK Challenge Team], [10OK Sports Team], and [50K Sports Team]
  • Date:September 20, 2015 (Sun), meeting time: 06:00.
  • Participants: We welcome cyclists with experience in long-distance rides to discover their personal potential and complete the entire route. The event is expected to attract 1800 participants.
  • Route: Banqiao First Sports Ground in New Taipei City-Banqiao-Zhonghe-Xindian-Muzha- Shenkeng-Shiding-Pingxi-Shanglin Elementary School in Shuangxi (50K terminal point)-Gongliao-Fulong-Ruifang -Aoti-Longdong- National Taiwan Ocean University (100Kterminal point)-Keelung Train Station-Waimu Mountain-Wanli-Jinshan-Shimen-Sanzhi- Baisha Bay-Shalun-St. John's University (160K terminal point), with the total route length of 160Km.
  • Organizer:New Taipei Sports Association
  • Tel:02-2998-1382 #614

Scenery Sightseeing Taipei City

Velo-city Global 2016
Velo-city is the largest international bike conference in the world. Velo originates from vélo, which means bike in French. In addition to international seminars, the conference also includes cycling tours, carnivals, etc. Taipei has been chosen in 2013 to be the host of Velo-city Global in 2016, and is the first city in Asia hosting Velo-city. We hope that everyone will participate in the event and work together to create the greatest city for cycling in Asia!
  • Date:February 27 – March 1, 2016
  • Organizer:Taipei City Government
  • Tel :02-2720-8889 #1507

Happy-Go-Lucky Joyride Hsinchu City

Coastal Joyride Cycle
In recent years, the 17km coastal cycling path in Hsinchu City has become a popular place for cyclists. The event is held in combination with the area’s sports tourism.
  • Date:Four rounds will be held with 150 participants in each round.
    First Round: July 8th and July 15th, 2pm to 5pm.
    Second Round: July 22nd and July 29th, 2pm to 5pm.
    Third Round: August 5th and August 12th, 2pm to 5pm.
    Fourth Round: August 19th and August 26th, 2pm to 5pm.
  • Participants: Teenagers, family members, and residents in Hsinchu City may attend the event free of charge.
  • Route:The 17km coastal cycling path through Hsinchu City.
  • Organizer: Hsinchu City Government
  • Tel: 03-562-9072

Happy-Go-Lucky Joyride Hsinchu County

Cycling Tour in Hsinchu
[Joyride Cycle]:On-site bike rental is provided at service stations. Riders may plan and enjoy their light tours freely.
[Travel with an Expert]:Register online and follow a local expert to explore Hsinchu thoroughly by bike. Visitors may select DIY tours or local industrial experiences to enjoy a comprehensive travel experience that is unlike individual travel.
  • Date:November 2015
  • Route:
    Zhubei Xinfeng Coastal Line, Xiaolixi Route, Touqian River and DouzihpuCreek Route, and Guanxi-Xinpu Route
  • Organizer: Transportation and Tourism
  • Tel : 03-551-8101 #2752

Scenery Sightseeing Yilan County

2015 Biking the Northeast Coast – Yilan Cycling Excursion
The event allows visitors to experience the friendly cycling environment along the coastline of Yilan as well as the simple rural fun and scenery of Zhuangwei Township, and to appreciate the pure beauty of Yilan.
  • Date:September -October 2015
  • Organizer: Northeast National Scenic
  • Tel : 02-2499-1115#228

Scenery Sightseeing Yilan County

Lanyang Cycling Excursion–Biking the Coast
Visitors may take advantage of manmade cycling paths to participate in intensive travel based on featured communities, as well as recreational agricultural areas during off-peak seasons.
  • Date:September – December, 2015
  • Route:
    Annong Creek Cycling Path and Dong Shan River Bikeway
  • Organizer: Department of Business and Tourism, Yilan County Government
  • Tel : 03-925-1000 #1879

Happy-Go-Lucky Joyride Hualien County

2015 Taiwan Cycling Festival–Biking in Hualien
Due to the appeal of cycling activities and collecting various souvenirs, the event attracts nationals fond of nature and cycling activities to visit Hualien for LOHAS travels.
  • Date :November 14, 2015 (Saturday)
  • Route:
    Liyu Lake Cycling Path, Baibao Creek Cycling Path, and Shoufeng Township Cycling Path
  • Organizer: Organizer: Hualien Tourism Department
  • Tel : 03-823-0751

Happy-Go-Lucky Joyride Taitung County

Bus & Bike Joyride Cycle
Based on the low-carbon traveling model of shuttle buses and bikes, the event allows visitors to ride on featured cycling paths and enjoy cultural attractions. Combined with the international surfing competition, the event provides visitors with free experiences in SUP. (Expected to be held in November 2015)
  • Date :
    [Bus & Bike Tour]: October 1st, 2015 (Thursday)–January 31st, 2016 (Sun)
    Wave-Chasing Joyride Cycle : end of November 2015
  • Route:
    Visitors may take advantage of five cycling paths planned by the County (Taitung City Loop Bike Lane, Chishang Bicycle Trail, Luye Longtian Bicycle Trail, Guanshan Bicycle Trail, andthe cycling trail from Xiaoyeliu to Chenggong Fishing Harbor).
  • Organizer: Taitung County Government
  • Tel : 089-330-580

Happy-Go-Lucky Joyride Hualien County, Taitung County

2015 Bike Tour of Tribal Villages and Xiuguluan River Rafting
This two-day Bus & Bike Tour brings tourists to appreciate natural scenery in East Coast native tribal areas by bike, supplemented by bus transport. In addition, tourists may also experience rafts, archery, introductions to tribal cultures, and DIY tours.
  • Date :May –November 2015
  • Route:
    1. [Ruiyasi Fantasy Journey]:
    Day 1: Hualien Train Station-Hualien Astar Hotel –Cidal Hunter School in Shuilian–Cawi Tribe–Urn, Lily, Spring–Pakara'ac
    Day 2: Pakara'ac-Pisirian Tribe–Yuli Train Station
    2. [Xibulan Slow Travel]:
    Day 1: Hualien Astar Hotel–Xiuguluan River Rafting Service Center–Tribe Kiwit-Cawi Tribe–Urn, Lily, Spring-Sun Dance Square
    Day 2: Makudaai Tribe–Chef Seafood Restaurant–Hualien Train Station
    3. [Jiliyalan Cycle Roaming]:
    Day 1: Taitung Train Station–Amis tribe–Tribe Marongarong
    Day 2: Duli Visitor Center–Torik Tribe–Pisirian Tribe or Whale Watching at Chenggong
  • Organizer: East Coast National Scenic Area Administration
  • Tel : 089-841-520 #1608
  • Registration Information: http://www.u-design.url.tw/2014bike/index02.html?refresh=1

Happy-Go-Lucky Joyride Hualien County, Taitung County

2015East Rift Valley Biking Carnival
Based on low-carbon travel by railways and bikes, the event links attractions and featured stores along Provincial Highway No. 9 and combines featured cycling paths in East Rift Valley, allowing tourists to experience light travel by bike.
  • Date:July –October 2015
  • Organizer: East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration
  • Tel :03-887-5306 #662

Scenery Sightseeing Kinmen County

2015 Sports Island–The Sports Project and LOHAS Island, Cycling Tour
Tourists can discover the beauty and culture of Kinmen Island by cycling. The featured tours, along with the recreational opportunities in Kinmen will be promoted.
  • Date:July 19, 2015 (Sun), September 27, 2015 (Sun), and October 3, 2015 (Saturday)
    [First Round- Monument Tour]: July 19, 2015, 3pm to 7pm
    [Second Round–Military and Economic Construction Tour]: September 27, 2015, 3pm to 7pm
    [Third Round- Cycling Tour around Kinmen]: October 3, 2015, 8am to 12pm
  • Attractions:Beautiful coastline in Kinmen, Greenery Avenue lined with trees onboth sides of the lanes, architectural and cultural features of historical sites, military relics andthe Battle Museum.
  • Route:
    First Round–Monument Tour
    Second Round–Military and Economic Construction Tour
    Third Round–Cycling Tour around Kinmen
  • Organizer: Kinmen County Government Education Department
  • Tel : 082-325630 #62463
  • Registration Hotline:0952-961995, Mr. Chen

National Vote National

Top 10 Classic Cycling Route Vote
The total length of cycling paths in Taiwan exceeds 3,000 km. Cycling paths in every city and county have their own features. The event is open for every citizen. Everyone may choose his or her favorite cycling path to jointly decide the top 10 classic cycling paths in Taiwan.
  • Organizer: Sports Administration, Ministry of Education
  • Tel : 02-8771-1516
  • Facebook: Taiwan Steel Horse