Formosa 900

Formosa 900 is one of the main events of Taiwan Cycling Festival, it is a round-island tour by several teams launching from different cities. Formosa 900 will take place from October 22, 2016 (Saturday) to October 30, 2016 (Sunday)-- signed up by individuals, and November 5, 2016 (Wednesday) to November 13, 2016 (Sunday)-- signed up by companies, each team required to ride 900 kilometers in 9 days and ends up at its starting point, a certificate of cycling island will be awarded to the team members who have completed the challenge.


October 22, 2016 (Saturday) to October 30, 2016 (Sunday)-- signed up by individuals November 5, 2016 (Wednesday) to November 13, 2016 (Sunday)-- signed up by companies


Welcome domestic and foreign cyclists to register the event. Other groups are formed by enterprises or entities.


Taiwan Bicycle Association


During the Taiwan Cycling Festival, cycling groups travel around the Island every day to appreciate the beautiful scenery along the way. The event will integrate the hotel and food industries, local snack bars, and joint railway and bike rides to generate stories and discussions. While cycling through Eastern Taiwan, cyclists may be provided with highlight tours recommended by the Bureau, which promotes Eastern Taiwan asa popular destination for cycling tours.


All groups cycle around Taiwan, except for Penghu Rider Tour Group.


  • Headquarters of Giant Bicycles, Xiluo Bridge, Tropic of Cancer, Mudan Dam, Brown Avenue in Taitung, etc.

Time and Location:

Teams departing on October 22
Depart from Team Name
Keelung City Rotary International District3490 (3 teams)
Taipei Songshan Round-island Cycling No. 1,Taipei Riders
Hsinchu City Hsinchu Riders
Hsinchu City EMBA Alliance (3 teams)
Taichung City Taichung Riders
Kaohsiung City Kaohsiung Riders
Penghu Magong Penghu Riders (3 days)
Teams departing on November 5
Depart from: Team Name
Taipei City Pilot Riders
Taipei City Wind Riders (5 days)
Taipei City Wind Riders (7 days)
Taipei City Liv Beijing
Taipei City Overseas Riders
Taipei City Giant Japan(7days)
Taipei City Vitality Cycling Team
Taichung City Korean Riders (7 days)
Taichung City Liv Korea (7 days)
Taichung Waipu VP Component
Changhua Yuanlin Kenda Rubber
Tainan City Drunken Dragon (8 days)
Kaohsiung City Liv Taiwan

Registration Information:

Taiwan Bicycle Association:+886-2-2739-3311
Giant Bicycle Travel:+886-4-3507-5168
Website:Giant Adventure