Taiwan KOM Challenge

The "Taiwan KOM Challenge" Warm-up Challenge - Spring - Held between March and April. The "Taiwan KOM Challenge" Warm-up Challenge - Summer - Held between July and August. (The "Taiwan KOM Challenge" Warm-up Challenge allows participants to experience a 9-hour ride and admire spectacular views on the same route as the Taiwan KOM Challenge in advance! Both domestic and foreign cyclists are welcome to participate.)



October 20th (Friday), 2017


  • Both internationally renowned mountain-bikers and top female cyclists from around the world will be invited to compete with domestic and high caliber foreign cyclists in the Taiwan KOM Challenge.


Taiwan Cyclist Federation


  • This "unprecedented and amazing" course climbs from 0 to 3,275 meters above sea level for a total route length of about 105 kilometers. We are going to invite famous mountain-bikers from all over the world to climb high altitudes into the mountains to experience the greatest of challenges. We will also invite world-class female cyclists to venture the most unique charm of Taiwan.


Hualien Qixingtan Taroko Bridge Route 8 Tianxiang Xinbaiyang Xibao Bilu Sacred Tree Guanyuan Dayuling Route 14A Wuling Pass


Unique valley topography and challenging and internationally renowned natural landscapes of Taroko Gorge.

Events Contact:

Organizer: Taiwan Cyclist Federation
Telephone: +886-2-8919-3595
Website:2017 Taiwan KOM Challenge