Formosa 900

Formosa 900 is one of the main events of Taiwan Cycling Festival, it is a round-island tour by several teams launching from different cities. Formosa 900 will take place from November 4, 2017 (Saturday) to November 12, 2017 (Sunday), each team required to ride 900 kilometers in 9 days and ends up at its starting point, a certificate of cycling island will be awarded to the team members who have completed the challenge.


November 4th (Saturday) to 12th (Sunday), 2017


We welcome both individuals and companie groups to register for the event.


Taiwan Bicycle Association


Multiple starting points all over the country have been planned. Each team is required to ride 900 kilometers for nine days and along the route, cyclists can appreciate the beautiful scenery, experience the abundant local culture and hospitality of local residents, and savor various regional delicacies. This year, we have launched electric assist bicycles: riding around the island is no longer just a fantasy.


Based on the route of Cycling Route No. 1, the team is require to ride 900 kilometers in 9 days around the island. The route goes along a 17-km coastline and many tourist's attractions such as Lukang Township, Xiluo Bridge, Chiayi Tropic of Cancer, Kaohsiung Love River, Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area, Shou Ka Turnpike, Zhi Ben Hot Springs, Mr. Brown Avenue, Danongdafu Forest Park, Jiao Si Hot Springs, and Fu Rong's Old Coaling Tunnel.

Cycling Route No. 1:

The "Cycling Route No. 1" has been opened to traffic since the end of 2015. It is a route specifically designed for circuiting round the island by bicycle. The length of the entire route is about 939.5 kilometers. The ride can normally be completed within 9 days.

Event Contact:

Organizer: Cycling Life Style Foundation
Telephone: +886-2-8978-5060