Sun Moon Lake "Come! Bikeday"

Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday
Combines the classic biking trend, carnival events, and a cycling route around Sun Moon Lake. Both domestic and foreign professional riders and family travelers are invited to visit Sun Moon Lake to experience the landscape of one of the world’s top ten most beautiful bike paths.



November 11/12th (Saturday/Sunday), 2017


Foreign tourists, domestic visitors and cycling enthusiasts are all welcome to join the event.


Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration


Participants are welcome to take it easy by cycling along Sun Moon Lake with family members both young and old along various optional routes with levels ranging from easy to difficult and experience the breathtaking landscapes and spectacular views.


【Family Route】
Participants are welcome to cycle along the designated bike paths. Come enjoy the relaxing journey in the breeze at sunrise. The length of the entire route is about 10 kilometers, which is the most suitable route for parents to ride with their children.

【Lake Cycling Route】
We invite participants to ride along the lake path to experience the special features of Sun Moon Lake, including its natural ecology and religious and aboriginal culture. The route is a little challenging and thrilling since the terrain is not always on the same level. The overall length is about 30 kilometers, which is suitable for the general public to take on as a small challenge.

【Self-challenging Route 】(Sun Moon Lake to Yushan Tataka)
The challenging route starts from the beautiful Sun Moon Lake and stretches all the way to the foot of the highest mountain of Yushan Tataka. Appreciate the mountain forests and aboriginal tribes along the way. The length of the entire route is about 80 kilometers, which is suitable for advanced riders for an exciting challenge.

【Children Sliding Car Contest】
This event is held at the Xiangshan Visitor Center, Sun Moon Lake. We try to motivate children towards cycling through sliding exercises in short distances.

Events Contact:

Organizer: Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration
Telephone: +886-49-285-5668 #1241
Sun Moon Lake Come!Bikeday