0K Taiwan-Floral City Biking Festival

0K Taiwan-Floral City Biking Festival
The global development focus of bicycle industry is in Taichung, Taiwan. Taichung is renowned for its bicycle industry clusters and beautiful bike tracks. Accordingly, this activity is designed Taichung Park, which has the cadastral measuring triangulation point of railway in Japanese colonial period, as the origin of bike cycling grand tour of Taiwan. This activity keens to promote the ideas of low-carbon tourism to domestic and foreign tourists with the idea of“0K Taiwan, Start from Taichung”. We sincerely invite you to visit Taichung and enjoy the irresistible city charm.



September 23rd (Saturday) to November 26th (Sunday), 2017


Foreign tourists and domestic visitors are all welcome to join the event.


Tourism and Travel Bureau, Taichung City Government


With Taichung as the starting point of the cycling route, the event calls on visitors and cyclists from home and abroad to partake in a low-carbon leisure riding tour while promoting the tourism and bicycle industry in Taichung through the cycling carnival and various biking activities.


The series of activities are held at different tourist spots in Taichung.


Giant Cup Carnival:
September 23rd/24th (Saturday/Sunday) at Shui Jue-tou Park, Central Taiwan Science Park Gianthlon, 50 K female challenge, off-road steeplechase, PUSHBIKE fun sliding game, teenager cycling challenge.
Biking in Central Taichung:
October 1st (Sunday) at Taichung People's Square, West District Bicycle industry and picnic carnival, fun biking activities for family members, leisure cycling tournaments, bicycle story house, cycle industry and assembly exhibition.
Time Cycling Festival:
November 26th (Sunday) at the new city government square on Taiwan Boulevard
A non-competitive and long-distance activity with a distance of about 100 kilometers for self-challenging riders, brand carnival sale and outlet, gourmet passport zone, parent-kid Push Bike, and street artist performances.

Events Contact:

Organizer: Tourism and Travel Bureau, Taichung City Government
Telephone: +886-4-2228-9111#58323

Website:Floral City Biking Festival