Furthest Lighthouses in Taiwan



June 1st (Thursday) to December 31st (Sunday), 2017


Foreign tourists and domestic visitors are all welcome to join the event.


This event issues a guidebook called "Light up Taiwan Passport". The tourists can choose either to partake in organized cycling activities or self-guided activity to four "lighthouse points" (stamps collection) to obtain a "memorial certificate" of "Light Up Taiwan points fulfillment". Participants will get acquainted with this charming land, to discover the genuine beauty of Taiwan, and to create a whole new type of travel.


Light Up Taiwan Leisure Series:
Northern tip June 24th
Eastern tip July 15th
Southern tip September 2nd
Western tip September 16th
Light Up Taiwan round-trip Challenge Series
Northern tip October 28th
Eastern tip July 15th
Southern tip September 2nd
Western tip September 16th
The overall length of the event maps out at about 40 to 60 kilometers, which is a little challenging.
Northern/Southern Twin Towers Challenge:
Northern Twin Towers Challenge (Fugueijiao to Cape Santiago Lighthouse)
Southern Twin Towers Challenge (Guosheng Port to Cape Eluanbi)
The lighthouse points are divided into two categories: the northern twin tower challenge, the seascapes of northeastern coastline is worth visiting; the southern twin tower challenge, the accomplishment of high-intensity cycling over 180 kilometers within one single day is invigorating!
Loading the Bases of All Lighthouse Points:
June 24th to July 5th
We welcome participants to cycle around the island and experience the four lighthouse points and their local customs, humanities and culture. This event is suitable for those who wish to challenge the widest peripheral route of traveling round the island while loading bases with all the lighthouses in Taiwan along their ride.
Around the Island by Train and Wheels:
September 2nd to 5th
It is an activity that combines cycling with taking the Taiwan Railway and shuttle buses along the way of visiting all four lighthouses throughout the country in four days. In the meantime, visitors can observe and note the bountiful sceneries and human culture in their travelogues.


Fugueijiao Lighthouse, Cape Santiago Lighthouse, Guosheng Port Lighthouse, and Eluanbi Lighthouse

Events Contact:

Organizer: North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration
Taiwan Cyclist Federation
Telephone: +886-2-8919-3595

Website:Light Up Taiwan Leisure Cycling